Office Policies

Las Vegas Orthodontic Care

At the UNLV Orthodontic Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, straight smile. Our residents provide quality orthodontic care under the direct supervision of a board of highly-trained orthodontic faculty as part of the education process. This allows us to offer the same high care available from any orthodontist at a fraction of the cost. Our office policies permit us to serve many Las Vegas residents who desire to improve or repair the current state of their oral health.     

Appointment Policy 

Your appointments are an integral part of any orthodontic treatment plan. As such, we set aside a certain amount of time for each patient for adjustments, education, and consultation. On-time arrivals are essential, since it can be difficult to accomplish all the tasks required at an appointment without the allotted amount of time. Any patient who arrives more than 15 minutes late may be required to reschedule his or her appointment for another time. It is our policy to request 24 hours' notice of cancellation. While we do understand that emergencies and unexpected circumstances may arise, we are better able to meet the needs of all patients with your cooperation. 

Insurance Policy

At the UNLV Orthodontic Clinic, we strive to make our patients' insurance benefits work on their behalf. We are able to provide good-faith estimates for most insurance policies, but we generally cannot make any guarantees regarding coverage. Insurance contracts vary widely from patient to patient, and different treatment options may or may not be covered under specific plans. If you have a new insurance plan or change coverages, please let us know so that we can obtain the most up-to-date information for our files.   

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Obtaining quality orthodontic care is something that we at the UNLV Orthodontic Clinic believe everyone should have access to. Feel free to contact our office at (702) 774-2690 today to schedule an appointment or to get more information about the services that we offer.