5 Candies For A Tooth-Happy Haunting On Halloween

5 Candies For A Tooth-Happy Haunting On Halloween
Posted on 10/21/2016
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halloween-candyThe ghouls, the ghosts, the warlocks, the vampires, the witches, the wizards, and the zombies, among others, come crawling out on Halloween.  Halloween is usually a crowd-favorite and is quite fun for kids and adults!  Though we, as orthodontists, typically advocate for a very limited sugar load, we understand that this rule often gets broken on Halloween.  With this, we want to prepare you with some tooth-safe candies for Halloween.


Tooth-Safe Candies For Halloween:

  1. Chocolate (Milk, Dark, or White) - Just make sure the chocolate is not frozen or hard to bite into, since this can put extra pressure on your teeth & damage them, or even your braces. 
  2. Soft Nougat-Filled Candy Bars - Three Musketeers is a perfect example! Soft candy bar inside and out.
  3. Powdered Candy - Once again, something soft is the main goal.  Some examples include Pixi Stix or Fun Tip (just don't bite into the hard candy stick!)
  4. Soft Cookies - Soft cookies can be great fun to bake and eat!  Maybe even get Halloween decorated sugar cookies, or have your own cookie decoration event.
  5. Ice Cream - Ice cream is a great soft alternative and provides you with an eclectic variety, so even the pickiest among us have a choice.

Healthier & Less Sugary Alternatives:

  1. Muffins - Muffins can be made with fruits and are soft enough for those with braces.  Check out this healthy oatmeal pumpkin muffin recipe.
  2. Jell-O - Jell-O is soft and comes in a wide variety of flavors, which is great for finding which satisfies you the most!
  3. Chocolate Milk - Chocolate milk is a great source for protein and can ensure muscle growth after a long workout (such as a long night of trick-or-treating).

As mentioned, we typically don't advocate the consumption of lots of sugary foods, but we understand you'll want to have a spookily-delicious Halloween.  After these sugary treats, it's imperative to brush your teeth and floss thoroughly.  Also, please only consume a limited amount of these items and don't continue to eat these items throughout the year, since they can be damaging to your teeth!