Best Time of the Year to Get Invisalign

Best Time of Year To Get Invisalign
Posted on 11/16/2018
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At the Orthodontic Clinic at UNLV School of Dental Medicine, we're proud to help patients of all ages achieve a beautiful new smile through orthodontic treatments like braces and Invisalign. And while there's no bad time to start orthodontic treatment, for many people, now is the best time of year to start Invisalign treatment – but the reason may surprise you. If your health insurance plan includes a Flexible Spending Account, or FSA, any leftover money will expire if unused by year's end. That means there's no better time than now to put your money to work to achieve a beautiful new smile!

Why You Should Use FSA and HSA Money On Invisalign

Flexible Savings Accounts are a popular healthcare device that allows you to contribute pre-tax money – up to $2,600 per year – into a savings account, which you can use to cover certain health expenses. The advantage is that you avoid paying taxes on money you'll use for vital and necessary healthcare expenditures, helping you to keep healthcare costs down over time. The catch? Those funds will expire if unused by December 31st, 2018. 

This means that now is the perfect time to get started on a beautiful new smile with Invisalign treatment. Using leftover FSA funds on Invisalign is a great way to put your dollars to work in a high-impact way, and with our flexible financial policies, you can use your current FSA balance all at once, then finance the remaining cost of treatment in a way that makes sense for you. Even if you have an HSA, where your funds won't expire, it's a great time to use leftover money on Invisalign, as you'll be starting towards a gorgeous new smile for the new year. 

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What are you waiting for? Put your money to good use and give yourself the gift of a new smile and a new you. The Orthodontic Clinic at UNLV School of Dental Medicine has helped countless patients reinvigorate their lives with a new smile, and we'd love to do the same for you. Schedule a consultation online today!